High School Football Wrap-up

Postseason Top 10 in San Diego—

  1. Mission Hills
  2. Oceanside
  3. St. Augustine
  4. Cathedral Catholic
  5. Helix
  6. San Pasqual
  7. Eastlake
  8. Ramona
  9. Carlsbad
  10. Imperial

Running back Royce Freeman from Imperial High School was awarded the Silver Pigskin from KUSI at the annual Silver Pigskin a couple weeks back.

In my opinion he was rightfully honored with the award after the career he had, combined with how bright his future looks.

Also, it was good to see that Dillon Baxter was at the Hall of Champions for the gala. He recently finished up his college career at Baker University, an NAIA 中国福利彩票正版app in Kansas. He will be training for the NFL Draft in Carlsbad. I’m hopeful that he can continue to turn his career around use all the talent that he has in the next level.

If I had a vote, this is how I would’ve voted.

  1. Royce Freeman-
  2. Fred Warner- Mission Hills
  3. Thai Cottrell- Oceanside
  4. Isiah Olave- Eastlake
  5. JaJuan Thomas- San Pasqual
  6. Anthony Lawrence- Grossmont

Oceanside CB/WR Jace Whittaker and Carlsbad QB Christian Chapman were two guys that I thought were unfairly left out of the list of Silver Pigskin Finalists. At the end of the day though, both of those guys have D-1 Scholarships, so they’ll get the last laugh.

Top 10 in San Diego after week 2

I decided to wait two weeks before posting my first basketball poll, because I wanted a chance to see as many teams as I could to provide an accurate ranking. In football, teams play one game a week for three months, so you don’t have a chance to evaluate teams within a week.

Top 10 in San Diego after week 2

  1. St. Augustine
  2. La Costa Canyon
  3. Torrey Pines
  4. Mater Dei
  5. San Marcos
  6. Hoover
  7. Poway
  8. El Camino
  9. Foothills Christian
  10. Francis Parker